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Our FitFam Community has spoken!

We love to see and hear how much you love your Gainz and Shreds meals, and how we have supported you and your families on your fitness journeys! 

Take a look at some of our recent Yelp reviews below. Your feedback is invaluable and helps us continue leveling up our services and menu. 

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Thank you for being a part of our FitFam Community!


Regina L. - Campbell, CA

On my health journey I decided to give meal prep a try and it is one of the best decisions I've made choosing Gainz and Shreds. The food is freshly made daily and the flavor of the food is amazing. I highly recommend Gainz and Shreds to anyone. I have already had some family members and co-workers try it. Needless to say they are on a weekly ordering system. 5 stars for food quality and great communication on ordering and the fast service. Thank you Drew.


T.D. - San José, CA

Great food, awesome service. Dru the owner is professional and makes great food. If you are looking for a great meal prep company you have found it.


Michelle K. - Saratoga, CA

Ordering food through their site is a breeze, the location is currently out of a little bakery (with a super clean looking kitchen that you can see from the register), and the food is absolutely perfect for anyone who has health or fitness goals. It's simple, clean, prepped perfectly to heat and eat. For those who are too busy to prep their meals and end up getting takeout or delivery anyways, you should definitely divert those funds into Gainz and Shreds Meal prep. They do have a delivery option as well as an app that I have not used yet. I highly recommend!


Carly N. - Whittier, CA

I have not found a better meal prep company since being in the Bay! They are attentive and quick! The food is fantastic as well! I buy here every week!!

Gainz and Shreds Meal Prep is truly a standout service that I highly recommend. The food is not only delicious but also made with high-quality ingredients that leave you feeling satisfied and energized. Andrew, the owner, truly goes above and beyond to ensure that every customer is taken care of and happy with their meals. His dedication to customer service is evident in every aspect of the business. From the perfectly portioned meals to the customizable menu options, Gainz and Shreds Meal Prep truly stands out as a top-notch service (trust me I've tried them all). I can confidently say that choosing this meal prep service will not disappoint and will aid in keeping you on track for your fitness goals.


Jeremy S. - Seattle, WA

I count on Gainz and Shredz for my meals every week while I'm at work. They always do an outstanding job and the quality is excellent. I like how I can order exactly what I want and they take orders any day of the week. The 2 hour turn around is crazy fast and there's been a few times I've really needed that in a pinch. I appreciate them!


Juan B. -San José, CA

I have had the pleasure of knowing Andrew for quite some time, ever since his Lean Feast days. I recently made the switch to Gainz and Shreds, and I must say that Andrew's personalized approach truly sets him apart. He has a unique ability to tailor meals to your specific preferences, whether you are focused on gaining healthy weight or cutting down, which is reflected in the name Gainz and Shreds.As a dedicated carnivore, Andrew ensured that my meals were perfectly aligned with my dietary needs. In particular, the overnight power oats were an absolute game changer for me. It's evident that Andrew genuinely cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service. I highly recommend Gainz and Shreds for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals with a touch of personalized care and professionalism.


Derrick N. - San José, CA

I started ordering meal preps from Gainz and Shreds about a year ago. Love the service as eating much healthier (lost 10lbs), saves me time (no food prep or eating out during the week) and it is priced very reasonably! My wife now uses as well and highly recommend!


Manny S. - San José, CA

Gainz and Shreds meal prep is my go to meal prep they have all the variety of protein carbs and veggies . What I love most is that their meal prep is macro-friendly and not a fixed menu like most other companies. I love how they're open 7 days a week to help with my nutrition goals. Andrew the owner is always there to help with questions that I have. This meal prep has helped me step my game up for my fitness journey.


Brooke T. - San José, CA

Not too many meal prepping companies I enjoy. I finally gave in and tried Gainz and Shreds after a long couple work weeks and not being able to meal prep myself and I'm so glad I did.

Food tastes delicious and customer service is awesome. I'm giving meals to my co-workers to try and they all love it as well. Really happy with my experience with them and I highly recommend this company if you live in the area!!


Note: Typos have been corrected in the reviews above. Quotes have otherwise not been modified. You may view the original reviews on the Gainz and Shreds Yelp page, and don’t forget to leave your own review while you’re there!


Thank you again for your feedback and continued support! It’s an honor to support you on your fitness journey. Be sure to join the FitFam Community and subscribe to Gainz and Shreds news so you never miss an update or exclusive discount.

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