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Coach Kiley Pearl being presented with Miss Bikini San Jose overall award by two women

Coach Kiley Pearl

Fitness Coach | Nutritionist / Meal Prep Planner /
Physique Competitor

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Meet Coach Kiley, whose journey with fitness has been a transformative odyssey. From grappling with various health issues during her formative years vacillating between being seriously underweight and overweight, Kiley intimately understands the challenges of body image. Her path to a vibrant and active lifestyle solidified in the mid-2010s when she discovered the world of bodybuilding—an epiphany that ignited her true passion.


Lifting weights became Kiley's avenue for strength and empowerment, transcending the aesthetic benefits into a profound sense of self-empowerment both within and outside the gym. Despite a hectic schedule, Kiley attributes her balance and well-being to prioritizing gym sessions and delving into the intricacies of nutrition. In 2017, she made the transition from recreational lifting to competitive bodybuilding and self-coached her way to success in the National Physique Committee in her first few competitions. Since then, she’s joined a team, collected many first-place and overall wins, and is ranked among the top competitors at the national level.


Beyond the weights, Kiley enjoys being a "student of life" – she invests her spare time in research, delving into nutrition, exercise, and overall health. In her early fitness days, the revelation of tracking macros and flexible dieting marked a pivotal moment, granting her unprecedented control over her health while maintaining balance. Recognized as a role model by friends, family, and a global social media following, Kiley leverages her platforms to share her positivity and wealth of knowledge, aiming to inspire others to adopt a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


As a health and wellness coach, Kiley is driven by the goal of enriching lives. Her fervent wish is for her clients to experience the transformative benefits she gained through flexible dieting and achieving balance, firmly believing that fitness extends beyond physical well-being to encompass emotional health. Follow Coach Kiley's journey as she seeks to inspire and motivate others to embrace a holistic and fulfilling lifestyle.

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Gainz and Shreds Meal Prep

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