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Summer is Here! Fun Fitness Activities for the Whole Family

The warmer weather and extended daylight makes summer the perfect time to get outside and enjoy family activities. No school, and no better way to spend quality time together! At Gainz and Shreds Meal Prep, we believe in the importance of staying active and healthy, not just for adults but for kids too. Keeping your family active during the summer will  boost physical and mental health while creating lasting memories.


happy family with two smiling children playing in a park

Outdoor Adventures

Hiking and Nature Walks

Exploring local trails and parks is a fantastic way to stay active and connect with nature. Hiking offers a great workout while providing the opportunity to discover new places. Pack a healthy snack from Gainz and Shreds (have you tried our macro-friendly Prozis protein bars and snacks yet?), and hit the trails with your family. Check out nearby nature reserves and parks for family-friendly trails that everyone can enjoy.


Swimming is a full-body workout that’s perfect for hot summer days. Whether you’re at the pool, lake, or beach, swimming helps build strength and endurance while keeping you cool. Remember to follow safety guidelines and supervise young swimmers at all times. Look up local swimming spots and take advantage of open swim hours.


Biking is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that’s fun for all ages. It’s a great way to explore your neighborhood or local parks. Make sure everyone has a helmet and choose safe biking routes. There are so many bike trails to choose from in the Bay Area!  Organize a family bike ride and enjoy the fresh air while staying fit.

Sports and Games

Playing sports and games is a wonderful way to get moving and foster teamwork. Set up a friendly game of soccer, frisbee, or basketball in your backyard or a local park. You can even create a backyard obstacle course for some added fun and challenge.

Indoor Fun

family with three children playing a game on the floor

Home Workout Routines

When it’s too hot to be outside, bring the workout indoors. Family-friendly workout videos and yoga sessions are great ways to stay active at home. If you haven’t tried this killer home ab workout (no planks!) from Coach Kiley Pearl, it’s a must for your summer body goals.

Set up a small workout area and choose some routines for yourself and some  that everyone can participate in. (The kids might love that ab workout too, and it would likely come with some laughs!)

Dance Parties

Turn up the music and have a family dance party! Dancing is a fun way to get everyone moving and improve coordination. Create a dance playlist with everyone’s favorite songs or follow along with online dance tutorials.

Creative Indoor Games

Keep kids engaged and active with creative indoor games. Organize an indoor scavenger hunt, set up DIY obstacle courses, or play balloon volleyball. These activities are perfect for rainy days or when you need a break from the sun.

Keeping our Bay Area Kids Active

Staying active is crucial for kids’ physical and mental health. Regular exercise supports growth and development, improves mood, and reduces stress. Plus, engaging in activities together strengthens family bonds and creates cherished memories.

The Gainz and Shreds Meal Prep team is here to support your active lifestyle! To fuel your family’s days, Gainz and Shreds offers a variety of balanced meals and snacks. Our convenient, nutritious options are perfect for busy families on the go. Whether you’re packing snacks for a hike or looking for a quick meal after a swim, we’ve got you covered. You can check out our menu and place your order here.


Get Involved with the FitFam Community

We love hearing from our FitFam Community! Share your favorite summer activities and healthy habits with us on social media. Tag us in your posts and let us know how you stay active during the summer. Your feedback helps us continue to improve our services and offerings.

The Gainz and Shreds team is honored to support the health and wellness goals of your and your loved ones, and we look forward to fulfilling your meal prep orders all summer long. Together, we will  achieve great things and build a happier and healthier Bay Area!


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